"On the Cutting Edge"

Woody is a 16-foot-high sculptured lumberjack who is our company's mascot. He doubles as a prognosticator and recorder of Husker football scores. So far, he has not been wrong.

Steve Blanchard of Carmel, California used a chain saw to carve the lumberjack stature from a 50-year-old log of redwood that weighed approximately 14,000 pounds. The statue was carved to mark the entrance to our family owned company's - Barcel Mills and Barcel Landscape Products, Inc.

People have asked me what in the world does our domain name www.justuskids.com have to do with my business or the horticultural industry? This name represents an attitude, a state of mind, a perspective, and if you stop and think about it this is the type of youthful and optimistic outlook people who like to play in the dirt have on life! My wife often says she has four kids, not three, and that I am just the biggest. Not for long though my son is going to be taller then I any day now. Then I suppose I will be just the most ... childish?
One thing I do love to do is plant things, and I am avid about planting trees. My wife use to consider it an addiction, but about 10 years ago our family was helping our great uncle John Barcel (he was 86 at the time) trim some trees on his farm. I notice that out in front of their house uncle John and aunt Rose had planted a tiny Blue Spruce tree. I pointed this out to Paula (my wife) and said that it must be in our blood.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our web site. This is an ongoing business and family site so visit us often and look for our changes. Or if you have information for the regional horticultural industry or some good ideas , suggest some changes.

Barton James Barcel

Barcel Landscape Products and Barcel Mill & Lumber
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